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"When my elderly mother had to move, unexpectedly, out of her home into Independent Living I panicked.  My mother lived in a 4-bedroom home in Barrington and she had been there for 55 years.  The house was chock full of possessions, furniture, art work, china, rugs, linens and "stuff".   I had no idea where to begin or how to accomplish the task.  I was losing sleep worrying.  My real estate agent recommended East Bay Estate Sales.  The moment Gino walked into the home to meet with me, he radiated calm, confidence, and reassurance.  His kind, gentle, "take charge" demeanor about the task put me instantly at ease.   Gino worked like a dog.  He hauled things from the second floor and the basement to the first floor.  He took mountains of items to the curb for trash pickup, and he professionally evaluated which items would be staged for a sale.  He worked tirelessly setting up for the sale, handled publicity through his website, and stayed in touch with me all along the way.  The sale was a huge success! Afterwards, Gino and his crew removed whatever remained, took it to the curb for trash pickup, washed the floors (!) and left the house in perfect condition.  The process worked like a dream.  He is honest, professional, amazingly hard working, and especially attentive to details.   It's rare to find a company and a professional that deliver beyond one's expectations.  Gino and East Bay Estate Sales did that times ten."    -Heidi - Barrington, RI

"We loved working with Gino and East Bay Estate Sales to help clean out my mother’s home. He was kind, professional, hard working and his rates are very reasonable. He was thorough and the house was clean. His boys/employees were respectful, kind, & very hard working. If you ever need an estate sale, Gino is the person to contact to help with it. I would highly recommend East Bay Estate Sales." -Sarah - Providence, RI

"East Bay Estate Sales handled the sale of everything in my house in Barrington, RI. Gino was scrupulous, dependable, and super-friendly. He worked like 3 horses to set everything up properly ahead of time-- hours of serious hauling, moving arranging. On the day of the sale, his terrific crew showed up so that every place-- the garage, the "safe room" in the house, and all the exits-- was covered with an alert and friendly pair of eyes. Gino generated a large public for both days of the sale, and he left the property broom-clean. I'd recommend him heartily-- and do." -Forrest - Barrington, RI

"These people are extremely organized and did a fantastic job of cleaning out many, many years of 'stuff'. We could not be more pleased with the way they worked. They lifted heavy equipment, even swept the areas after clean-up. They were pleasant and thoughtful, making sure some items were to go. I highly recommend the East Bay Estate Sales LLC. for removal of clutter etc." -Sue - Barrington RI

"Professional in every way. I will be a regular customer and will tell friends. Can't wait for next sale. Thank you for being helpful and hands on at your sales." -Nancy - Little Compton, RI

"Excellent company- very professional people! Hard workers." -Matt - Nashua, NH